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Heimweh Film Project

October 2016

Heimweh Film Project


Together with Lufthansa we set out to explore the notion of belonging and how travel experiences can shape our identities.


Growing up in Denmark, we always felt a deep connection to the country of our parents. Our fascination with the relationship between ourselves and nature lead us back to Japan and ultimately to a clearer sense of belonging.


Lufthansa says:

"Centred around the German term Heimweh* – meaning the longing for a place to call home – the film follows Satoru and Kiyoshi to Yakushima and Kagoshima in the Kyūshū region of Southern Japan. Here, they visit Sakurijama, the mystical volcano of their father’s bedtime stories. They subsequently launch an artisan ceramics line using volcanic ashes."


* Heimweh [ˈhaɪ̯mˌveː] (German) = longing to travel to a place where you feel at home and where you can be completely yourself.

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