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Introducing Sorenious Bonk

September 1 2016

The man who composes the scores for our films.

We have been friends with Søren Bonke aka Sorenious Bonk aka SB for quite some time and we have had the great joy of travelling and working together throughout our friendship.

When creating films and engaging in the task of trying to communicate our endeavours, my brother and I have found it invaluable to have a critical objective point of view. Therefore, to keep the message of the plot line clear we have always relied on SB as he works with the objectivity in his composing magic to enhance and elevate it's emotion and expression.

On top of that SB advises us on keeping the context of the voice over script relevant to each project and he manages to inspire us to break through our limitations of doubt in ourselves.

For that we are humbled and salute him!

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